Review: ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ (Cruise Control Engaged)

While still spectacular, is too much self-awareness creeping into the franchise? After a CIA honcho (Alex Baldwin) lobbies a congressional committee to dissolve the IMF due to perceived ineptitude, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) goes rogue to gather intelligence on a suspected international organization of agents believed killed or dead – an entity no one else […]

Review: ‘Fantastic Four’ 2015 (Again With the Origin Story)

“There’s nothing at the end,” said the cleaning crew as the credits rolled; how right they were. Cribbing the look and feel of the movie Explorers, fifth-grader Reed Richards befriends Ben Grimm for the parts to build a teleportation device. Years later at a high school science fair, Reed (Miles Teller) and Ben (Jamie Bell) […]

Review: ‘Trainwreck’ (a raunchy R-rated rom-com by one wily wanton woman)

What do you call a female philanderer? There really should be a word for that. As children, little Amy and Nikki got an earful from their dad (Colin Quinn) about the horrors of monogamy, a lesson Amy (Amy Schumer) has held to as a grown up. While her sister Nikki (Brie Larson) has a kid, […]

Review: ‘Minions’ (the prequel no one demanded that’s still sort of cool)

Ever wonder where those goggle-eyed Twinkies dressed in coveralls came from? Too bad; you’re finding out anyway. Since the beginning of the world, Minions have existed. The male-ish creatures are driven to serve the biggest, baddest villain they can find (although no actual explanation of this is ever given). After accidentally killing every bad guy […]

Review: ‘Ant-Man’ (because Shrinkage-Man sounds worse)

You will believe that a man can ant. Fresh out of prison after serving a sentence for a modern-day Robin Hood re-distribution of digital wealth, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) tries to make a clean break from crime to earn visitation rights to his daughter from her mother (Judy Greer). When his possibilities for a legal […]

Review: ‘The Gallows’ (Respect Mah Thea-tah!)

All the shaky cam and low battery signals you could want in yet another found-footage film. In 1993, a Nebraska high school put on a stage play involving a hanging…so, of course, one of the students is actually killed by (wait for it) hanging. Two decades later, a group of fools…sorry, STUDENTS revive the deadly […]

Review: ‘Inside Out’ (psych 101 infotainment)

Your emotions…hilariously personified. After Joy (Amy Poehler) appears in the mind of a newborn named Riley (Kaitlyn Dias), it isn’t long before another emotion appears: Sadness (Phyllis Smith). As little Riley grows up, more emotions appear: Fear (Bill Hader), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), and Anger (Lewis Black). The emotions guide Riley’s personality one memory at a […]

Review: ‘Terminator Genisys’ (aka The REAL Terminator 3: Fan Service)

Critics seem to hate it while audiences mostly approve…but why? WARNING: minor spoilers herein, but little more than you’ve seen in the final trailers. The year is 2029, and the war against the machines is all but over. Using future knowledge provided by his mother, John Connor (Jason Clark) has led the resistance to victory…but […]

Review: ‘Interstellar’ (Deus Ex Cinema)

Is Christopher Nolan becoming the new M. Night Shyamalan? Dust storms sweeping across the midplains are choking off civilization as crops are going extinct in a global blight. In this doomed future world, government education is pushing for more farmers while denying that science programs ever accomplished anything (ie the moon landings were faked). A […]