99.9% Spoiler-Free Policy


It’s something we’ve always done but haven’t always advertised:

“99.9% Spoiler-Free Reviews”

What does that mean, you ask?

Try as we might, it’s difficult to talk about a film without mentioning any part of the film: an actor, a subject, a location, or a detail. To that end, we try to hold back on “spoilery” references in our official reviews to remain as vague as possible, often resorting to using examples from other films if they must be mentioned at all.

This can be difficult when assessing any movie — all storytelling is a mystery at its core — but even a casual look at cinema advertising shows movie trailers giving away too much, often during “final trailers” just before a movie’s release.

If you’re a purist who wants to know as little as possible, don’t read any reviews — yeah, including ours — if you know you’re seeing the movie anyway. Then come back, see what we thought, and let’s have a conversation about it. Otherwise, we love movies, and we pledge to give you our best assessment of what to expect… without ruining the experience.

Everything below our review, however, especially in the COMMENTS section, is fair game: spoilers abound! Beware! We also stick any fun videos or other article links about the film we find in there, too (also with potential spoilers) in case you missed some fun facts or other cool stuff.

As always, thanks for reading!

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