MovieCrypt Virtual Tour

Mortals know my work is the definition of essential; therefore, I haven’t had lots of time to “Netflix and chill.” Instead, I decided to put my minion Kevin to work expanding my crypt and getting it ready for the future. Have a look at some of what I’ve ordered accomplished! No, it isn’t my Pleasure Room, so never call it that.

Below is The Bone Room, the oldest part of the crypt. Similar to museums that showcase skeletons and other structures, ours is an eclectic collection of various things that may or may exist. In the back are six vaults containing at least some of the remains (don’t ask) of Rod Serling, Vincent Price, Marie Laveau, Mary Shelley, H.P. Lovecraft, and Edgar Allan Poe. Standing next to the black-haired Mary Sue (and her hellhounds Butch and Sundance) is lollipop-wielding Sam, the Spirit of Halloween, hanging around when he’s not out and about.

Slumbering above The Bone Room is Anck-Su-Namun, Sam’s backup protecting the crypt in case any would-be treasure hunters come knocking. Trust us; you do NOT want her to awaken, no matter what you think you saw in a Brendan Fraser movie.

The inside of the doors is The Gallery, where candid images of some of Grim D.’s favorite visitations can be found. Among them is Father Evil, The Angel Castiel, and all manner of fictional beings and cryptids.

To the left of the gallery is The Apothecary, because a well-stocked crypt is a happy crypt. Medusa herself oversees the stores to ensure we don’t run out of anything, in easy reach of our black phone, Mim, if any reorders are needed. The positron collider was a gift, not a trophy as many assume… at least that’s the story we’re sticking with. To the far left is the dagger Harry Osbourne tried to kill Peter Parker with.

To the right of The Gallery is an extension of The Bone Room, including a bust of Grim D. himself (his favorite!) and an old haunted projector that only plays movies with skulls in them. This is also where the Yoga Skeletons watch over Oogie Boogie’s loaded dice to make sure he can be dealt with fairly.

One of the last things added to the crypt is The Shrine, where Grim D. keeps the treasured keys and trinkets he enjoys collecting. The is also a Death Eater’s wand, a holiday ornament left by Krampus, Coraline’s Seeing Stone, The Pick of Destiny, Dean Winchester’s amulet, Captain Jack Sparrow’s Aztec gold coin, two coins from The Continental, and more. Many of these things are safer here than in the Curious Good’s vault or neutralized at Warehouse 13.

Uh oh — you’ve been spotted. Guess our tour is over… unless you’d like to become a permanent part of my decor. No? Exit through The Gallery doors and back out through the cemetery while you still can…!

Til the first and last time we meet…!
~ Grim D. Reaper 💀 #grmdrpr