Characters of Death

DEATH / De’Ath / Death as a beggar / Dr. Death / Gregg the Grim Reaper / Grim Reaper / Grim Reaper Bully / Grim Reaper Statue / Grim Reaper in Death’s Office / Grim reaper / La Muerte / La Muerte as Old Woman / La muerte / Little Grim Reaper / Lucy the Grim Reaper / Morte / Muerte / Tasia / The Grim Reaper / Tod

  1. … aka “Sseulsseulhago Chalranhashin: Dokkaebi” – South Korea (original title)
    … aka “Goblin: The Lonely and Great God” – International (English title) (alternative title)
    … aka “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” – International (English title) (alternative title)
    … aka “The Lonely, Shining Goblin” – International (English title) (alternative title)
    – Episode #1.13 (2017) TV episode, Played by Dong-Wook Lee (as Grim Reaper)
    – Episode #1.12 (2017) TV episode, Played by Dong-Wook Lee (as Grim Reaper)
    – Episode #1.11 (2017) TV episode, Played by Dong-Wook Lee (as Grim Reaper)
    – Episode #1.10 (2016) TV episode, Played by Dong-Wook Lee (as Grim Reaper)
    – Episode #1.9 (2016) TV episode, Played by Dong-Wook Lee (as Grim Reaper)
    (8 more)
  2. The Canterville Ghost (2017) Played by Hugh Laurie (as The Grim Reaper)
  3. Whisky with Grim Reaper (2017) Played by Richard Arthur Baker (as Grim Reaper)
  4. Night Call (2017/I) Played by Philip Edward McFarlin (as Grim Reaper)
  5. Nadie muere en Ambrosía (2017) Played by Macarena Gómez (as Muerte)
    … aka “Nobody Dies in Ambrosia” – International (English title) (alternative title)
  6. Malasartes e o Duelo com a Morte (2016) Played by Júlio Andrade (as Morte)
  7. Jag har kommit för att hämta dig (2013) Played by Rasmus Luthander (as Grim Reaper)
  8. Death & Life (????) Played by Burns MacDonald (as Grim Reaper)
  9. The Recovery (2016) Played by Nigel Barclay (as Grim Reaper)
  10. Cahide’s Open Marriage (2015) Played by Sevil Aki (as Grim Reaper)
  11. So Help Me God (2015) Played by Armi Diaz (as Grim Reaper)
  12. The gift (2015) Played by Marco Vera (as La Muerte) / Beatriz Viteri (as La Muerte)
  13. Runaway (2015/VI) Played by Zack Ogle (as Grim Reaper)
  14. Death Takes an Interview (2014) Played by John Paul Marston (as The Grim Reaper)
  15. Death as a Frenchman (2014) Played by Anthony Lofaso (as Muerte)
  16. Take Your Son to Work Day (2014) Played by Nick Cooper
  17. A non calivera (2013) Played by Adrian Carron (as Morte)
  18. The Chase (2013/V) Played by Everardo L. Huesca (as Grim Reaper)
  19. Suicidio Lamprea, la balada de Simon (2013) Played by Santiago Fernández (as Muerte) / Christian Jimenez (as Muerte)
  20. A Wake at 7 (2012) (V) Played by Micaela Leal (as Grim Reaper)
  21. 6:15 on a Saturday Night (????) Played by Aimee Stolte (as Grim Reaper)
  22. Christmas at Draculas (????) Played by Dave Coon
  23. Je suis un passage (2016) Played by Jean-François Cherbonnel (as Grim Reaper)
  24. “Superstore”
    – Halloween Theft (2016) TV episode, Played by Jake Lucas (as Grim Reaper)
  25. “Harvey Beaks”
    – Technoscare (2016) TV episode, Played by Kari Wahlgren (as Grim Reaper Statue)
  26. His First Time (2016) Played by Devin Hawes (as Grim Reaper)
  27. Danse Macabre or the Anxieties of Abigail Jones (2016) Played by Tom Steadman (as The Grim Reaper)
  28. “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”
    – Kimmy Goes to a Hotel! (2016) TV episode, Played by Joseph McKenna (as Grim Reaper)
  29. La noche de todos los santos (2016) Played by Jerónimo Salas (as Muerte)
  30. The Knocking (2016) Played by Pavel Kubicka (as Grim reaper)
  31. Planting Daisy (2016) Played by David Cardona (as Morte)
  32. “Man Seeking Woman”
    – Scythe (2016) TV episode, Played by Chad Camilleri (as Grim Reaper)
  33. El Cincel (2016) Played by Carolina Gómez de Orozco (as Muerte)
  34. #Hashtagging (2016) (TV) Played by Josh Margolin (as Grim Reaper)
  35. We Set Them Free (2016) Played by Zi Long Wang (as Grim Reaper)
  36. What We Sow (2016) Played by Jake Goldfarb (as Grim Reaper)
  37. My Annoying Dead Brother (2016) Played by Corey Porter (as Grim Reaper)
  38. Bilbao-Bizkaia Ext: Día (2015) Played by Aitor Basauri (as Muerte)
  39. “Not So Random”
    – Halloween Special (2015) TV episode, Played by Laura Besh (as Grim Reaper)
  40. En la oscuridad (2015) Played by Mayra Rocca (as La muerte)
  41. “Tales of Horror” (2015) TV series Played by Jessica Felice
  42. “TripTank”
    – Dirty Talk (2015) TV episode, Played by Chris Osbrink (as Grim Reaper)
  43. Can’t Fight the Reaper (2015) Played by Travis Landry (as Grim Reaper)
  44. “Monster Shrink” Played by Parvesh Cheena (as Grim Reaper)
    – Grim Reaper (2015) TV episode, Played by Parvesh Cheena (as Grim Reaper)
  45. The Grim Reaper’s Daughter (2015) Played by Nick Wicht (as Grim Reaper)
  46. Injurious (2015) Played by Andy McPhee / Andy McPhee (as Grim Reaper)
  47. “Late Night with Seth Meyers”
    – Jerry Seinfeld/David Remnick/Live New Yorker Cartoons/Jon Theodore (2015) TV episode, Played by Conner O’Malley (as Grim Reaper)
  48. Medardo (2015) Played by Edna Lee Figueroa (as La Muerte)
  49. The Time Between (2015) Played by Iain Sanderson (as The Grim Reaper)
  50. “Supernatural”
    – Brother’s Keeper (2015) TV episode, Played by Julian Richings
    – I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here (2013) TV episode, Played by Julian Richings
    – Meet the New Boss (2011) TV episode, Played by Julian Richings
    – Appointment in Samarra (2010) TV episode, Played by Julian Richings
    – Two Minutes to Midnight (2010) TV episode, Played by Julian Richings
  51. Anamnesis (2015/II) Played by Chad Maxwell (as The Grim Reaper)
  52. Waiting for the Call (2015) Played by Richard Lambert (as Grim Reaper)
  53. Know I Love You (2015) Played by Ormsby (as Grim Reaper)
  54. There Are Ghosts (2015) Played by Paul Marshall (as Grim Reaper)
  55. Trick or Treat (2015/I) Played by Jessica Horwath (as Grim Reaper)
  56. Si la muerte me deja (2014) Played by Josefina Menéndez (as Muerte)
  57. “Avengers Assemble”
    … aka “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble” – USA (complete title)
    … aka “Marvel’s Avengers Ultron Revolution” – USA (third season title)
    – Thanos Rising (2014) TV episode, Played by Roger Craig Smith (as Grim Reaper)
  58. The Book of Life (2014) Played by Kate del Castillo (as La Muerte) / Tonita Castro (as La Muerte as Old Woman)
  59. La muerte (2014) Played by Maloy (as La Muerte)
  60. Partida Final (2014) Played by Ángel Iranzo (as Muerte)
  61. Early (2014/I) Played by Justin Crose (as Grim Reaper)
  62. Goes and Runs (2014) Played by Francesca Guillén (as La Muerte)
  63. Because I Could Not Stop for Death (2014) Played by Tim Peck
  64. ¡Viva la muerte! (2014) Played by Aldo Obregón (as La Muerte)
  65. In the Valley of the Shadow (2014) Played by Nick Addeo (as Grim Reaper)
  66. The Last Halloween (2014/I) Played by Alastair Forbes (as The Grim Reaper) / Drew Davis (as Little Grim Reaper)
  67. Beck: Heart Is a Drum (2014) (V) Played by Jeremy Lawson (as Grim Reaper)
  68. Super Hell 3: Dreams of Horror (2014) (V) Played by Chris Braineater
  69. “Family Guy”
    … aka “Padre de familia” – USA (Spanish title)
    – 3 Acts of God (2014) TV episode, Played by Adam Carolla
    – Grumpy Old Man (2011) TV episode, Played by Adam Carolla
    – Friends of Peter G. (2011) TV episode, Played by Adam Carolla
    – Meet the Quagmires (2007) TV episode, Played by Adam Carolla
    – I Take Thee, Quagmire (2006) TV episode, Played by Adam Carolla
    (7 more)
  70. Ausente (2014) Played by Cecilia De Los Santos (as Muerte)
  71. Muerte (2014) Played by Nazaret Jiménez Aragón (as La Muerte)
  72. Good Grief (2014/II) Played by Anthony Guidubaldi (as Grim Reaper)
  73. In the Grip (2013) Played by Johnny Scott (as Grim Reaper)
  74. El Tío (2013/I) Played by César Caillet (as La Muerte)
  75. “Face Off”
    – The Laughing Dead (2013) TV episode, Played by Matt Chris Wood (as Grim Reaper)
  76. “Walking with Gods” Played by Che Broadway (as Grim Reaper)
    – Lisa Part 4 (2013) TV episode, Played by Che Broadway (as Grim Reaper)
    – Lisa Part 3 (2013) TV episode, Played by Che Broadway (as Grim Reaper)
    – Lisa Part 2 (2013) TV episode, Played by Che Broadway (as Grim Reaper)
    – Lisa (2013) TV episode, Played by Che Broadway (as Grim Reaper)
  77. Don’t Fear Death (2013) Played by Rik Mayall
  78. Jedermann (2013) (TV) Played by Peter Lohmeyer (as Tod)
  79. Driver (2013) Played by Jace Haggermaker (as Grim Reaper)
  80. The Curse of La Muerte (2013) Played by Nicholas Perez (as La Muerte)
  81. La Puglia è la morte sua (2013) Played by Pietro Manigrasso (as Morte)
  82. 5 minutos de vida (2013) Played by José Antonio Marín (as La muerte) / Astrid Camprubí (as La muerte)
  83. Little Reaper (2013) Played by John Paul Ouvrier (as Grim Reaper)
  84. Ficción (2013) Played by Julio Perea (as Muerte)
  85. Woggie (2012) Played by John J. Mckeon (as The Grim Reaper)
  86. Fifty Grades of Shay (2012) Played by Eliana Kwartler (as The Grim Reaper)
  87. “Grimm”
    – La Llorona (2012) TV episode, Played by Bryce Walters (as Grim Reaper Bully)
  88. “Mad”
    – Frankenwinnie/ParaMorgan (2012) TV episode, Played by Chris Cox (as Grim Reaper)
    – Kitchen Nightmares Before Christmas/How I Met Your Mummy (2011) TV episode, Played by Kevin Shinick (as Grim Reaper)
    – X-Games: First Class/Criminal Minecraft (2011) TV episode, Played by Gary Anthony Williams (as Grim Reaper)
  89. After Death (2012) Played by Elizabeth Austin (as The Grim Reaper)
  90. Halloween Party (2012/II) Played by Mycel Stokes (as Grim Reaper) / Brandon Kendall (as Grim Reaper) / Rob Robinson (as Grim Reaper) / Cydney Griffin (as Grim Reaper) / Jasmine Schulze (as Grim Reaper)
  91. “Remédio Santo”
    – Episode #1.409 (2012) TV episode, Played by Rui Cavaleiro (as Morte)
    – Episode #1.406 (2012) TV episode, Played by Rui Cavaleiro (as Morte)
    – Episode #1.403 (2012) TV episode, Played by Rui Cavaleiro (as Morte)
    – Episode #1.400 (2012) TV episode, Played by Rui Cavaleiro (as Morte)
    – Episode #1.356 (2012) TV episode, Played by Rui Cavaleiro (as Morte)
    (10 more)
  92. Caribbean Reboot (2012) Played by Reid Delong (as Grim Reaper)
  93. Cadalso (2012) Played by Muriel Lorca (as Muerte)
  94. Dylan Dog: Il Trillo Del Diavolo [Fan-Film] (2012) Played by Michele Marzulli (as Morte)
  95. Grim Reaper: A Day in the Life? (2012) Played by Christopher Strong (as Grim Reaper)
  96. “220 Volts”
    – Morte (2012) TV episode, Played by Rafael Infante (as Morte)
  97. Katharsis (2012) Played by Petteri Palonen (as Grim Reaper)
  98. Stinga T: Dark Times (2012) Played by Stinga-T (as Grim Reaper)
  99. “Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole”
    – Edgar Allan Poe’s Jesus (2012) TV episode, Played by Dino Stamatopoulos
    – Jules Verne’s Monster Rally Run! (2012) TV episode, Played by Dino Stamatopoulos
    – Death (2010) TV episode, Played by Dino Stamatopoulos
  100. Hello, Cruel World (2012) Played by Noah Masur (as Grim Reaper)
  101. Lazarus (2012) Played by Cheikh Drame (as Grim Reaper)
  102. Downtown (2012/II) Played by Chasen Ha (as Grim Reaper)
  103. Thus Spoke Death (2012) Played by André Viuvens
  104. Seven Shots (2012) Played by David Elliot (as Grim reaper)
  105. Hollow Feet (2012) Played by Ric Truman
  106. “Robot Chicken”
    – The Curious Case of the Box (2011) TV episode, Played by Bryan Cranston (as Grim Reaper)
  107. Verdugos (2011) Played by Patricia Lariche (as Muerte)
  108. Amores Muertos (2011) Played by Maritza Brikisak (as La Muerte)
  109. The Painting (2011) Played by Dave B. Mitchell (as Grim Reaper)
    … aka “Le tableau” – France (original title)
  110. Temporary Spirits (2011) Played by Darren Luckin (as Grim Reaper)
  111. Jugando con la muerte (2011) Played by Ander Pardo (as La muerte) / Ander Pardo (as Grim Reaper)
  112. Universal Squadrons (2011) Played by Thiago Martins (as Muerte)
  113. Dave vs Death (2011) (TV) Played by Julian Richings / Stephen R. Hart (as Grim Reaper)
  114. Bernie (2011) Played by Gene Cervenka (as Grim Reaper)
  115. “My Ordinary Life”
    … aka “Nichijou” – Japan (original title)
    – Episode #1.7 (2011) TV episode, Played by Hiroshi Karasuda (as Grim Reaper)
    – Episode #1.1 (2011) TV episode, Played by Hiroshi Karasuda (as Grim Reaper)
  116. Spooky’s Picnic (2011) Played by Anthony Nguyen (as Grim Reaper)
  117. Destiny, Inc (2011) Played by Shabar Rouse (as Grim Reaper)
  118. El compromiso (2011) Played by Wendy Chinchilla (as La Muerte)
  119. “Aline”
    – Aline: O Musical (2011) TV episode, Played by Nathalia Dill (as Morte)
    – Aline Gorda (2009) TV episode, Played by Tereza Piffer (as Morte)
  120. The Coldest Caller (2011) Played by Noel Byrne (as The Grim Reaper)
  121. La muerte es cosa de dos (2011) Played by Txabi Franquesa (as La Muerte)
  122. Death Inc. (2011) Played by Tom Konkle (as Grim Reaper)
  123. Purgatory (2011/II) Played by Milton Kalomenidis (as Grim Reaper)
  124. Kiahewa: Apocalipsis Now, y luego ya veremos (2010) Played by Manu Franco (as La Muerte)
  125. “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”
    – Widow’s Sting (2010) TV episode, Played by Lance Henriksen (as Grim Reaper)
    – Panther’s Quest (2010) TV episode, Played by Lance Henriksen (as Grim Reaper)
    – Everything Is Wonderful (2010) TV episode, Played by Lance Henriksen (as Grim Reaper)
    – Iron Man Is Born (2010) TV episode, Played by Lance Henriksen (as Grim Reaper)
  126. Property of the Grim Reaper (2010) Played by Dryden Bingham (as The Grim Reaper)
  127. Jedermann (2010) (TV) Played by Ben Becker (as Tod)
  128. Dead Happy (2010) Played by Alice Lowe (as Lucy the Grim Reaper)
  129. Death, Inc. (2010) Played by Aaron Pont
  130. Reminiscencia (2010) Played by Alejandro Bracho (as Muerte)
  131. Death and the Dancer (2010) Played by Lorenzo Valoy
  132. The Bureau (2010) (V) Played by Adrienne Montezinos / Eric Eastman (as Grim Reaper)
  133. “Funny or Die Presents…”
    – Episode #1.10 (2010) TV episode, Played by Andrew Neujahr (as Grim Reaper)
  134. “Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town”
    … aka “The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town” – Canada (English title)
    – Dead Man Walking (2010) TV episode, Played by Mark McKinney
    – Serious Shockey News (2010) TV episode, Played by Mark McKinney
    – Cause of Death (2010) TV episode, Played by Mark McKinney
    – The Butterfly Is to Blame (2010) TV episode, Played by Mark McKinney
    – Big City Smack Down (2010) TV episode, Played by Mark McKinney
    (3 more)
  135. Lovelorn (2010) Played by Orlando Seale
  136. First Love (2010/I) Played by Dan Ficken
  137. The Appointment (2010) (V) Played by Susan R. Upperco
  138. Fables from the DollHouse (2010) (V) Played by Susan R. Upperco
  139. Beautiful Day (2010) Played by Adrian Colussi
  140. The Visit (2010/II) Played by Matthew Sim
  141. Death’s Whisper (2010) (V) Played by Chris Dorman
  142. Time Takes a Holiday (2010) Played by Quetta Carpenter
  143. Death Wish (2010) Played by John Prowse / Jeny Cassady
  144. Jacob and Death (2010) Played by J. Center
  145. Death (2010) Played by Brian Wiebe
  146. Game of the Gods (2010) Played by David Leitinger
  147. Smoking with Abe Lincoln (2010) Played by Chaka Desilva
  148. Shards of Glass (2009) Played by Mariah Harnish
  149. The Lady and the Reaper (La dama y la muerte) (2009) Played by Miguel Angel Perez
    … aka “The Lady and the Reaper” – USA (copyright title)
  150. Only Human (2009/III) Played by Nigel Winder
  151. Blacklist (2009) Played by Benjamin Meddes
  152. The Battle: Cinco de Mayo (2009) (V) Played by Walter Wilemon
  153. Peer Gynt (2009) (TV) Played by Vahe Martirosyan
  154. Twisting Fate with Death and Larry (2009) Played by Aaron James
  155. Um Pouco Mais de Eternidade (2009) (V) Played by Paula Zwicker (as Morte)
  156. A Audição (2009) Played by José Wallenstein
  157. “Kings”
    – The Sabbath Queen (2009) TV episode, Played by Saffron Burrows
  158. Operation: Beelzebuddy (2009) (TV) Played by Anthony Robinson
  159. Mama Chandra (2009) Played by Rocco Salata
  160. Daydream of the End (2009) Played by María Martínez
    … aka “Ensueño del fin” – Spain (original title)
  161. Death in Charge (2009) Played by Marina Benedict
  162. Death’s Wearing High Heels (2009) Played by Eduardo Aránega (as La Muerte)
    … aka “Con la muerte en los 2 tacones” – Spain (original title)
    … aka “Deadly High Heels” – International (English title) (alternative title)
  163. Life of the Party (2009) Played by Kory Malcom (as Grim Reaper)
  164. Ad Hominem (2009) Played by Rishi Ganju
  165. Better the Devil You Know (2009) Played by Ryan Berard
  166. Sundo (2009) Played by Vanessa Andres
  167. Alborada carmesí (2009) Played by Tatiana Renteria (as La Muerte)
  168. Chronicles of the Beyond (2009) Played by Danny Boushebel
  169. “Scrubs”
    … aka “Scrubs: Med School” – USA (ninth season title)
    – My Last Words (2009) TV episode, Played by Randall Winston
    – My Blind Date (2002) TV episode, Played by Randall Winston
    – My Old Lady (2001) TV episode, Played by Randall Winston
  170. Inferno (2009/II) Played by Heitor Lourenço (as Morte)
  171. Ceniza en el papel (2009) Played by Javier Pinto (as La Muerte)
  172. A puta da vida (2009) Played by Diana Sieira (as Morte)
  173. Broken Glass (2009) (V) Played by Casey Sjogren
  174. A Deadly Wager (2009) Played by Jason Eriksen (as Grim Reaper) / Craig Northcutt (as Grim Reaper)
  175. Two Way Street (2009) Played by Wesam Metwalli
  176. A Day in the Life of Death (2009) Played by Julian Byrne
  177. Knock, Knock (2009) Played by Victoria Monroe (as Grim Reaper)
  178. Bittersweet Paradise (2009) Played by Michael Perl
  179. Another Round (2009) Played by Johnnie Colter
  180. Missä on missä? (2009) Played by Tommi Korpela
  181. Demon Joe (2009) Played by Chantelle Hartman
  182. Dog Happy (2008) Played by Erick Smith
  183. Amália (2008) Played by Manuel Franco (as Morte)
  184. Em Nome da Morte (2008) Played by Paula Ficher (as Morte)
  185. Twitchers (2008) Played by Quincy May
  186. Embodiment of Evil (2008) Played by Geanine Marques (as Morte)
    … aka “Encarnação do Demônio” – Brazil (original title)
    … aka “Devil’s Reincarnation” – USA (literal English title)
  187. Goddert Lucifa (2008) Played by Anthony Defoe (as Grim Reaper)
  188. The Face of Death (2008) Played by Rhys James (as The Grim Reaper) / Dean Nye (as The Grim Reaper)
  189. Take (2008/II) Played by Stephen Wheat
  190. Life in Deathtown (2008) Played by Danny Mac
  191. Memento Mori (2008/II) Played by Marianna Dore (as Morte)
  192. Faust (2008) Played by Eugene Seregin
  193. The Appointment (2008) Played by Suzan Brittan
  194. End Zone (2008) Played by Kenneth Jarvey
  195. The Sensei (2008) Played by Sara N. Salazar
  196. Blood Baby Blood (2008) Played by Alex Hormigo (as La Muerte)
  197. Dog’s Hell (2008) (TV) Played by Gabriela Platas (as La Muerte)
    … aka “Infierno de perros” – USA (original title)
  198. Life with Death (2008) (V) Played by Brad Heath
  199. A Death in Progress (2008) Played by James Powell
  200. Falling to the Top (2008) Played by Thom Zelenka (as Grim Reaper)
  201. Death’s a Bitch (2008) Played by Leanne Oshrat Sadeh
  202. “The Color of Magic” Played by Christopher Lee / Marnix Van Den Broeke
    … aka “The Colour of Magic” – UK (original title)
    … aka “Terry Pratchett’s The Colour of Magic” – International (English title) (complete title)
    … aka “Amazing World” – Japan (English title)
    – Part 2: The Light Fantastic (????) TV episode, Played by Christopher Lee / Marnix Van Den Broeke
    – Part 1: The Colour of Magic (????) TV episode, Played by Christopher Lee / Marnix Van Den Broeke
  203. Roadkill (2008/I) Played by Michael Chalkley
  204. It’s a Wonderful Death (2008) Played by Seth Gullion
  205. L’hippopotame vert FTW! (2007) Played by Natalie Horbelt
  206. Black Woman (2007) Played by Peter James Elias
  207. On Death’s Door (2007) Played by Itai Guberman
  208. “Kids Unlimited”
    – Kids Undead (2007) TV episode, Played by Youssif Rouchi (as Grim Reaper)
  209. A German Grandchild’s Funeral (2007) Played by Martin Smith
  210. Ridiculus Mortis: Solo la muerte se flipa 2 veces (2007) Played by Eduardo Aránega (as La muerte)
  211. Inevitably (2007) Played by Spyros Athinaiou
  212. Brutal Massacre: A Comedy (2007) Played by Timothy J. Bristoll (as Grim Reaper)
  213. The Summoning of Everyman (2007) Played by Seth Duerr
  214. 3 Dead Girls! (2007) (V) Played by Tony Simmons
  215. Til Death Does His Part (2007) Played by Donald Agnelli (as Grim Reaper)
  216. Perry’s Wait (2007) (V) Played by Jack Meeks
  217. Rip Cage (2007) Played by Jannike Olofsson
  218. Realm of Unfathomed Mysteries (2007) (V) Played by Alan Abulencia
  219. Over Coffee (2007) Played by Robert Christopher Riley
  220. The Devil’s Hand (2007) Played by Roger W. Morrissey
  221. Roming (2007) Played by Vladimír Javorský
  222. The Importance of Playing Yardball (2007) Played by Kevin Allen
  223. Dead End (2007/I) Played by Chad Ridgely
  224. “The Chaser’s War on Everything”
    – Episode #2.4 (2007) TV episode, Played by Julian Morrow (as Grim Reaper)
  225. Fallen (2007) Played by Allison Read
  226. Opportunity Knocks (2007/I) Played by Tristan Rogers
  227. Below the Beltway (2007) Played by Forest Muelrath
  228. Hell Awaits: A Portrait of Madness (2007) Played by Jason Brassfield
  229. Death’s Requiem (2007) Played by Raoul Agapis
  230. DayDreams of Rudolph Valentino (2007) Played by Christopher Riordan
  231. Grim’s Day at the Office (2007) Played by Kenneth De Hart (as Grim Reaper)
  232. I Love You Mommy (2007) Played by Lucia Rijker (as Grim Reaper)
  233. Grim Reaper (2007) (V) Played by Adam Fortin (as Grim Reaper)
    … aka “Re: Play” – Japan (English title)
  234. Cerberus (2007) Played by Ivan Borlenghi (as Morte)
    … aka “Cérbero” – Brazil (original title)
  235. Life & Death (2007) Played by Peter Health
  236. Junipero (2007) Played by Jessica Robertson
  237. Tonight Only (2007) Played by Jason Sacrey
  238. The Crow: Purgatory 2 (2007) Played by Nikki Hoy
  239. “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”
    … aka “ATHF” – USA (promotional abbreviation)
    … aka “Aqua Something You Know Whatever” – USA (ninth season title)
    … aka “Aqua TV Show Show” – USA (tenth season title)
    … aka “Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever” – USA (eleventh season title)
    … aka “Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1” – USA (eighth season title)
    – Grim Reaper Gutters (2006) TV episode, Played by Edward Hastings (as Grim Reaper)
  240. “Passions”
    … aka “Harmony’s Passions” – USA (alternative title)
    … aka “The Passions Storm” – USA (summer title)
    – Episode #1.1869 (2006) TV episode, Played by Christian Stokes
    – Episode #1.1142 (2003) TV episode, Played by Daryl Anderson
    – Episode #1.1141 (2003) TV episode, Played by Daryl Anderson
  241. “Good God” (2006) TV series Played by Henry Afro-Bradley
  242. Reaping the Girl (2006) Played by Michael Gavino
  243. Equal Opportunity (2006) (TV) Played by Bruce Spence
  244. Running with Sickles (2006) Played by Nils Vaule
  245. Tarot (2006/I) Played by Colin Black
  246. Raven Gets a Life (2006) Played by Todd Sheneman
  247. Mash Up (2006) Played by Loz Invicta
  248. Scoop (2006) Played by Pete Mastin
  249. Sleep (2006) Played by Adam Miller
  250. “Mega64”
    – What the Hell Happened to Mega64? (2006) TV episode, Played by Matthew Lopez
  251. Skinwalkers (2006) Played by Derek Kealey (as Grim Reaper)
  252. What a Wonderful World (2006) Played by Ruben D. Cruz
  253. Death Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (2006) Played by Christopher Dane
  254. La última y nos vamos (2006) Played by Ángela Fuste (as La Muerte)
  255. The Garden (2006) Played by Tad Griffith
  256. The Collector (2006/II) Played by Stephen Gevedon
  257. Johnny’s Odyssey (2006) (V) Played by Johnny A. Mann (as Grim Reaper)
  258. After the Fall (2006) Played by Patrick McGill (as DEATH)
  259. Quijote (2006) Played by Remo Girone (as Morte)
  260. Yo can (2006) Played by Antonio Rodríguez Menéndez
  261. “The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy”
    … aka “Grim & Evil” – USA (original title)
    – Billy and Mandy Save Christmas (2005) TV episode, Played by Greg Eagles (as The Grim Reaper)
    – Meet the Reaper/Evil Con Carne/Skeletons in the Water Closet (2001) TV episode, Played by Greg Eagles (as Grim Reaper)
  262. “Casados con hijos”
    – Canción para mi muerte (2005) TV episode, Played by Oscar Alegre (as La Muerte)
  263. All Hallowe’en Eve (2005) Played by Merly Cuza (as The Grim Reaper)
  264. Volemos tomados de la mano (2005) Played by Caty Ruíz (as Muerte)
  265. Two Sides to Every Story (2005) Played by Dennis Lai (as Grim Reaper)
  266. “Something Else”
    – Are You Afraid of Something Else? (2005) TV episode, Played by Jon Moisan (as The Grim Reaper)
  267. The Undertaker (2005/II) Played by Toomas Adrikorn (as Grim Reaper)
  268. Fear of Dying (2005) Played by Sal Santorelli (as Grim Reaper)
  269. DareDevil Returns (2005) Played by Brock Reindl (as Grim Reaper)
  270. “Good Eats”
    – Cobbled Together (2005) TV episode, Played by Lucky Yates (as Grim Reaper)
  271. Ignoble (2005) Played by Randall Malin
  272. The Critic (2005) Played by Dexter Neblett
  273. Sorrows Lost (2005) Played by Karoline Kautz
  274. The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005) Played by David Boreanaz
  275. The 10th Amendment Project (2005) Played by Todd Fjelsted
  276. Give My Funeral Flowers to Sunshine (2005) Played by Michael Siler
  277. Arrabal (2005) Played by Camila MacLennan (as La Muerte)
  278. The Death of Theodore Graham (2005) Played by Colin Matthews
  279. The Crossroads of Fate (2005) Played by Eric Sampson
  280. Jerry V. Death (2005) Played by Jon Emm
  281. Don’t Fear the Reaper (2005) Played by Fred Butler
  282. Death Game =Phone= (2005) Played by Frank Rivera
  283. Death Is My Co-Pilot (2005) Played by Matt Sloan
  284. Send in the Clown (2005) Played by Dean Edward
  285. Csendélet hallal és más tragikus momentumokkal (2005) Played by Zoltán Tamási
  286. Death Awaits (2005) Played by Daniel Hay
  287. Grim (2004) Played by John-Paul Nickel
  288. Chester’s Big Night (2004) Played by Neal Jano (as Grim Reaper)
  289. 24 instantes (2004) Played by Daniel Chamorro (as Muerte)
  290. Riding the Bullet (2004) Played by Simon Webb (as Grim Reaper)
    … aka “Stephen King’s Riding the Bullet” – USA (complete title)
  291. Food Chain (2004) Played by Kristoffer Newsom
  292. Jedermann (2004) (TV) Played by Jens Harzer (as Tod)
  293. The Nightmare Collection Volume 1 (2004) (V) Played by Tony Simmons
  294. A Matter of Choice (2004) Played by Michael Ray Reed
  295. Car Trouble 2: Them’s the Brakes (2004) Played by Bryan Kamai
  296. Simply Untitled (2004) Played by Scott Van Thorn
  297. Larceny (2004) Played by Tony von Halle (as Grim Reaper)
  298. Every 15 Minutes (2004) Played by David Kollerer (as Grim Reaper)
  299. The Eternal Present (2004) Played by Christian Aldo
  300. Death and the Maiden (2003) (TV) Played by Tom McCamus
  301. Death & Other Clerical Errors (2003) Played by Pete Moles
  302. “Chilly Beach”
    – Invasion of the Beer Snatchers (2003) TV episode, Played by Stephen R. Hart (as Grim reaper)
  303. Flirting with Death (2003) Played by Kimberley Furst / Mel Lewis (as Death #3) / Joel McDonell (as Death #5) / Jan Latussek (as Death #4) / Fernando Lebrija (as Death #7) / Ryan Viguerie (as Death #6) / Richie Steiner (as Death #2)
  304. Valle Justo (2003) Played by Kitra / Kitra (as La Muerte)
  305. Les côtelettes (2003) Played by Catherine Hiegel
  306. “She Spies”
    – Learning to Fly (2003) TV episode, Played by Gunther Jensen (as Grim Reaper)
  307. Anguish (2003) Played by Daniel Salas
  308. Marc, la sucia rata (2003) Played by María Maratea (as La muerte)
  309. Airplay (2003) Played by Melik Malkasian
  310. Ravioli (2003) Played by Günther Paal
  311. El murmullo de las venas (2003) Played by Marcos Montes (as La Muerte)
  312. Joan of Arc (2003) (TV) Played by Igor Kolva
    … aka “Johanka z Arku” – Czech Republic (original title)
  313. Bikini Bandits (2002) (V) Played by Jason Ross (as Grim Reaper)
    … aka “Bikini Bandits Go to Hell” – USA (complete title)
    … aka “The Bikini Bandits Experience” – USA (DVD title)
  314. Big Shoes to Fill (2002) Played by David McKay
  315. The Dim Reaper (2002) Played by Alexander Street
  316. “The Twilight Zone”
    – One Night at Mercy (2002) TV episode, Played by Jason Alexander
  317. Just Around the Corner (2002) Played by David Hughes
  318. My Skin! (2002) Played by Tony Simmons
  319. El pez rojo (2002) Played by Stefanía Gómez (as Muerte)
  320. Everyman (2002/I) Played by Daniel Maher
  321. Get the Hell Out of Heaven (2002) Played by Ben Bailey
  322. “Six Feet Under”
    – In the Game (2002) TV episode, Played by Stanley Kamel
  323. “The Lost World”
    … aka “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World” – Canada (English title) (complete title)
    – The End Game (2002) TV episode, Played by Danielle Carter
  324. Working Stiff (2002) Played by D.B. Cooper (as Grim Reaper)
  325. Cofralandes, Part Four: Memories and Waltzes (2002) Played by Isabel Parra
    … aka “Cofralandes, cuarta parte: Evocaciones y valses” – Chile (original title)
  326. “Strange Frequency”
    – Don’t Fear the Reaper (2001) TV episode, Played by Sebastian Bach (as Grim Reaper)
  327. The Parole Officer (2001) Played by Marc Goodhall
  328. Time of Death (2001) Played by Todd Cook
  329. El lado oscuro del corazón 2 (2001) Played by Nacha Guevara (as La Muerte)
    … aka “The Dark Side of the Heart 2” – International (English title) (literal English title)
  330. Monkeybone (2001) Played by Whoopi Goldberg / Ted Rooney (as Grim Reaper) / Peter Gardner (as Grim Reaper in Death’s Office)
  331. Comedy, a Tragedy in One Act (2001) Played by Yvonne Christ
  332. A Morte É uma Flor (2001) Played by Hugo Vargas (as Morte)
  333. The Death Affair (2001) Played by Ronald Shelley
  334. Mrs. Death 3 (2001) Played by Rachela Williams
    … aka “Eyes of Terror: Mrs. Death III” – USA (complete title)
  335. The Organization (2001) Played by Paul Gleason
  336. CMT 2000 Countdown (2000) (TV) Played by Darryl Prince (as Grim Reaper)
  337. Julia Wept (2000) (V) Played by Kedric Hubbert
  338. A Very Christmas Story (2000) Played by Jan Englert
    … aka “Swiateczna przygoda” – Poland (original title)
  339. Mrs. Death 2: Hells Fury (2000) Played by Rachela Williams
    … aka “Hell’s Fury” – USA (closing credits title)
  340. “Big Wolf on Campus”
    – Clip Show: The Kiss of Death (2000) TV episode, Played by Lawrence Bayne
    – Don’t Fear the Reaper (1999) TV episode, Played by Lawrence Bayne
  341. Before Night Falls (2000) Played by Xavier Domingo
    … aka “Antes que anochezca” – USA (Spanish title)
  342. My Head Hurts (2000) Played by Salem Kapsaski
  343. Scarlett Mecca and the Pentagram Girl (2000) Played by Steve Bishop
  344. Tag You’re It: Lock Out/Tag Out (2000) (V) Played by Randel B. Smith (as Grim Reaper)
  345. Ballad of a Soldier (2000) Played by Jesus Mendoza (as La Muerte)
  346. Being Considered (2000) Played by Louis Hammond
  347. “Avengers: United They Stand”
    … aka “Avengers” – France (original title)
    – The Sorceress’s Apprentice (2000) TV episode, Played by Allan Royal (as The Grim Reaper)
  348. “Gormenghast”
    – Episode #1.3 (2000) TV episode, Played by Spike Milligan (as De’Ath)
  349. “Upright Citizens Brigade”
    – Hospital (2000) TV episode, Played by Patrick McCartney (as Grim Reaper) / Jonny Spanish (as Grim Reaper) / Andrew Secunda (as Grim Reaper) / Brian Huskey (as Grim Reaper) / Paul Scheer (as Grim Reaper)
  350. La muerte y la brújula (2000) Played by Ornela Garoni (as Muerte)
  351. Jedermann (2000) (TV) Played by Otto Sander (as Tod)
  352. Mr. Murakami’s Garden (1999) Played by David Frye
  353. The Auteur Theory (1999) Played by Lucia Fasano (as Grim Reaper)
  354. “The New Addams Family”
    – Death Visits the Addams Family (1999) TV episode, Played by David Avalon / Christopher R. Sumpton (as Grim Reaper)
    – Halloween with the Addams Family (1998) TV episode, Played by Martin Novotny (as Grim Reaper)
  355. Riding on Rolling Stock (1999) (V) Played by Randel B. Smith (as Grim Reaper)
  356. Ingen som jag (1999) (TV) Played by Sofia Andersson
  357. “Red Dwarf”
    – Only the Good… (1999) TV episode, Played by Ed Bye
    – Gunmen of the Apocalypse (1993) TV episode, Played by Denis Lill
  358. O Oitavo Selo (1999) Played by Roberto Oliveira
  359. “Toonsylvania”
    – The Longest Day/Take Us to Your Liter/Escape from Wet Nurse Island (1998) TV episode, Played by Corey Burton
    – The Doomed Odyssey/Attack of the Fifty Footed Woman/Becki with an I (1998) TV episode, Played by Corey Burton
    – Igor’s Replacement (1998) TV episode, Played by Corey Burton
    – Something Weenie This Way Comes/Ideadical Cousins/Melisserella (1998) TV episode, Played by Corey Burton
    – WereGranny/The Lobster of Party Beach/The Screetchy Little Mermaid (1998) TV episode, Played by Corey Burton
    (9 more)
  360. “Working”
    – Armageddon Outta Here (1998) TV episode, Played by Mario Roccuzzo
  361. Six-String Samurai (1998) Played by Stephane Gauger / Lex Lang / David Shipp / Matt Miller / David Riddick
  362. “Knight School”
    – The Wooden Badger of St. Cuthbert’s (1998) TV episode, Played by Milton Johns (as Grim Reaper)
  363. Hemshech Mas’otav Shel Antonius Block (1998) Played by Mario Dekel
    … aka “The Continuing Adventures of Antonius Block” – USA (informal English title)
  364. Kasangga kahit kailan (1998) Played by Willie Revillame (as Muerte)
  365. Too Tired to Die (1998) Played by Mira Sorvino
    … aka “New York Daydream” – Japan (English title)
  366. Brno Train Death Friend (1998) Played by Amanda St. John
  367. “Beetleborgs Metallix”
    … aka “Saban’s Beetleborgs Metallix” – USA (complete title)
    – Don’t Fear the Reaper (1997) TV episode, Played by Mark McCracken (as Grim Reaper)
  368. Deconstructing Harry (1997) Played by Ralph Pope
  369. “Soul Music” Played by Christopher Lee
    – Episode #1.5 (1997) TV episode, Played by Christopher Lee
    – Episode #1.3 (1997) TV episode, Played by Christopher Lee
    – Episode #1.2 (1997) TV episode, Played by Christopher Lee
    – Episode #1.6 (1997) TV episode, Played by Christopher Lee
    – Episode #1.4 (1997) TV episode, Played by Christopher Lee
    (2 more)
  370. “Wyrd Sisters” (1997) TV series Played by Christopher Lee
  371. Sólo se muere dos veces (1997) Played by Saturnino García (as Muerte)
  372. La divina proporción (1997) Played by Alex Aguilera (as La muerte) / Toni Jara (as La muerte)
  373. Pigment (1997) Played by Clive Llewellyn
  374. Reaper Madness (1997) Played by Scott Selany (as Grim Reaper)
  375. “Earthworm Jim”
    – For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls (1996) TV episode, Played by Dan Castellaneta (as Grim Reaper)
    – The Wizard of Ooze (1996) TV episode, Played by Dan Castellaneta (as Grim Reaper)
  376. The Gift of Death (1996) Played by Danielle Allen
  377. Carver’s Gate (1996) (TV) Played by Oren Callendar (as Grim Reaper)
  378. The Big Maybe (1996) Played by Belinda McClory
  379. “Murder Most Horrid”
    – Dead on Time (1996) TV episode, Played by Dawn French (as The Grim Reaper)
  380. Welcome to the Discworld (1996) Played by Christopher Lee
  381. Strange Days (1995) Played by John Francis
  382. “The Froome Room”
    – Pilot (1995) TV episode, Played by Duncan Graham
  383. “Sisters”
    – Angel of Death (1995) TV episode, Played by Gary Bullock (as Grim Reaper)
  384. Kivenpyörittäjän kylä (1995) Played by Pietari Korhonen
    … aka “Village of the Stone Roller” – USA (literal English title)
  385. Elle voit des nains partout… (1995) (TV) Played by Philippe Manesse
  386. Death and a Salesman (1995) Played by Jackson Burns / Marq Edwards
  387. Ma ma fan fan (1995) Played by Roy Chiao
    … aka “The Age of Miracles” – Hong Kong (English title)
  388. “Tales from the Crypt”
    … aka “Hollywood Nightmare” – Japan (English title) (imdb display title)
    – The Assassin (1994) TV episode, Played by William Sadler (as The Grim Reaper)
  389. Yrrol – En kolossalt genomtänkt film (1994) Played by Johan Ulveson
    … aka “Yrrol: An Enormously Well Thought Out Movie” – International (English title) (literal English title)
  390. And Then There Was One (1994) (TV) Played by Corey Sevier (as Grim Reaper)
  391. Angie (1994) Played by Robert Conn
  392. “Married with Children”
    … aka “Married… with Children” – USA (promotional title)
    – Take My Wife, Please (1993) TV episode, Played by Katey Sagal (as The Grim Reaper)
  393. “Step by Step”
    – Never on Sunday (1993) TV episode, Played by Gregory Scott Cummins
  394. “Animaniacs”
    … aka “Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs” – USA (complete title)
    – Meatballs or Consequences/A Moving Experience (1993) TV episode, Played by Jess Harnell
  395. Undercover Blues (1993) Played by Stanley Tucci (as Muerte)
  396. Last Action Hero (1993) Played by Ian McKellen
  397. Portugaru San – O Sr. Portugal em Tokushima (1993) (V) Played by Bruno Cochat
  398. The Final Judgement (1992) Played by Irene Guerrero de Luna (as The Grim Reaper)
    … aka “El juicio final” – Spain (original title)
  399. Más allá (1992) Played by Patricio Castillo (as Muerte)
  400. The Dark Side of the Heart (1992) Played by Nacha Guevara (as La Muerte)
    … aka “El lado oscuro del corazón” – Argentina (original title)
  401. “Doogie Howser, M.D.”
    – Doogstruck (1991) TV episode, Played by John Durbin
  402. “Darkwing Duck”
    – Dead Duck (1991) TV episode, Played by Tony Jay (as Grim Reaper)
  403. Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991) Played by William Sadler (as Grim Reaper)
  404. Martes de carnaval (1991) Played by Antonio Llopis (as Muerte)
  405. 100 Days Before the Command (1991) Played by Elena Kondulaynen
    … aka “Sto dney do prikaza” – Russia (original title)
  406. High Strung (1991) Played by Jim Carrey
    … aka “Pissed Off” – USA (alternative title)
  407. “Going Places”
    – Curse of the Video (1990) TV episode, Played by John Durbin
  408. Danger Zone III: Steel Horse War (1990) Played by Robert Random (as Grim Reaper)
  409. Tales of the Unknown (1990) Played by Johnnie Morello
  410. La isla de los alacranes (1990) Played by Antonio Raxel (as La muerte)
  411. “Hora Marcada”
    – En el cuarto de arriba (1990) TV episode, Played by Laura Beyer (as Muerte)
    – El reloj I y II (1989) TV episode, Played by Vivian Gray (as La Muerte)
    – Noche de paz (1989) TV episode, Played by Frances Ondiviela (as Muerte)
    – El Dr. Elias y la muerte (1989) TV episode, Played by Martha Mariana Castro (as Muerte)
    – Concierto para mano izquierda (1988) TV episode, Played by Vivian Gray (as La Muerte)
  412. “The Nutt House”
    – Suites, Lies and Videotape (1989) TV episode, Played by Angus Scrimm (as Grim Reaper)
  413. “Small Wonder”
    – Kid-O-Grams (1989) TV episode, Played by Charley J. Garrett (as Grim Reaper)
  414. Night Terror (1989) Played by Robert B. Graham
  415. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988) Played by José Lifante (as Dr. Death)
  416. “The Storyteller”
    … aka “Jim Henson’s The Storyteller” – USA (complete title)
    – The Soldier and Death (1988) TV episode, Played by Alistair Fullarton
  417. Anemia (1986) (TV) Played by Linda Sini (as Morte)
  418. Spookies (1986) Played by James M. Glenn (as The Grim Reaper)
  419. The Way It Is (1985) Played by Jessica Stutchbury (as The Grim Reaper)
    … aka “Euridice on the Avenues” – USA (alternative title)
    … aka “The Way It Is or Eurydice in the Avenues” – USA (alternative title)
  420. The Midnight Hour (1985) (TV) Played by Ted King
  421. “Benson”
    – The Stranger (1985) TV episode, Played by William Marshall (as The Grim Reaper)
    – The Grass Ain’t Greener (1981) TV episode, Played by Don Calfa (as Dr. Death)
  422. “Faerie Tale Theatre”
    … aka “Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre” – USA (alternative title)
    – The Boy Who Left Home to Find Out About the Shivers (1984) TV episode, Played by Regis Parton (as Grim Reaper)
  423. The Meaning of Life (1983) Played by John Cleese (as Grim Reaper)
    … aka “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life” – UK (complete title), USA (complete title)
  424. Pistoleros famosos (1981) Played by Mónica del Rey (as La muerte)
  425. A Midsummer’s Play (1979) (TV) Played by Erik Mørk
    … aka “Sanct Hansaften-spil” – Denmark (original title)
  426. “Ryan’s Hope”
    – Episode #1.824 (1978) TV episode, Played by Robert Fitch (as Grim Reaper)
  427. Circle of Iron (1978) Played by David Carradine
    … aka “The Silent Flute” – , USA (working title)
  428. The Kiss: A Tale of Two Lovers (1977) Played by Digby Rumsey
  429. Almost King (1977) Played by Valérie Kaplanová
    … aka “Honza málem králem” – Czechoslovakia (original title)
  430. The Emperor of Atlantis (1977) (TV) Played by Alexander Malta
  431. “Cuentos y leyendas”
    – Poesía de amor y muerte (1976) TV episode, Played by Berta Riaza (as La muerte)
  432. Shirley Temple Story (1976) Played by Maria Balletbò (as La Muerte)
  433. La montaña del diablo (1975) Played by Irlanda Mora (as La Muerte)
  434. Los caciques (1975) Played by Irlanda Mora (as La muerte)
  435. Love and Death (1975) Played by Norman Rose
  436. Zardoz (1974) Played by Reginald Jarman
  437. “BBC Play of the Month”
    – The Adventures of Don Quixote (1973) TV episode, Played by Brian Spink
  438. Racconti proibiti… di niente vestiti (1972) Played by Monica Strebel
  439. A Vida do Grande D. Quixote (1971) (TV) Played by Serge Farkas (as Morte)
  440. The Deserter and the Nomads (1968) Played by Augustín Kubán
    … aka “Zbehovia a pútnici” – Czechoslovakia (original title)
  441. De Düva: The Dove (1968) Played by Sid Davis
    … aka “The Dove” – USA (short title)
  442. Blodsbröllop (1965) (TV) Played by Erik Hell (as Death as a beggar)
  443. “Estudio 3”
    – La Muerte de Orfeo (1964) TV episode, Played by Manolita Montenegro (as La Muerte)
  444. Yurei Hanjo-ki (1964) Played by Ichirô Arishima
  445. En sjæl efter døden (1963) (TV) Played by Martin Hansen
  446. “NBC Television Opera Theatre”
    – Labyrinth (1962) TV episode, Played by Leon Lishner
  447. Macario (1960) Played by Enrique Lucero (as La muerte)
  448. Black Orpheus (1959) Played by Ademar Da Silva
    … aka “Orfeu Negro” – Brazil (original title)
  449. The Seventh Seal (1957) Played by Bengt Ekerot
    … aka “Det sjunde inseglet” – Sweden (original title)
  450. “Omnibus”
    – Grandma Moses (1953) TV episode, Played by Joseph Schildkraut
  451. La muerte enamorada (1951) Played by Miroslava (as Tasia)
    … aka “Death in Love” – International (English title) (informal literal title)
  452. El ahijado de la muerte (1946) Played by Emma Roldán (as La muerte)
  453. Flesh and Fantasy (1943) Played by Gil Patric (as Grim Reaper)
  454. The Hearts of Age (1934) Played by Orson Welles
  455. Thark (1932) Played by Gordon James
  456. The Ancient Mariner (1925) Played by Robert Klein
  457. Die Pest in Florenz (1919) Played by Julietta Brandt
  458. Avarice (1917) Played by T.D. Crittenden
  459. The Man of Shame (1915) Played by Joel Day
  460. Destiny: Or, The Soul of a Woman (1915) Played by Edwin Martin
    … aka “Destiny” – USA (review title)
  461. The Great Physician (1913) Played by Charles Ogle
  462. Everyman (1913) Played by Omar Whitehead
    … aka “Everyone” – USA (reissue title)

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