The Scythe That Matters


Mortals, meet “Lenore.”

Lenore isn’t my first scythe… nor will she be my last. Her predecessor Vivian served me well, but in recent times, I’ve found myself in need of something more cultural — both relevant and inclusive. The Death of a mortal should always be an important moment for them; their Reaper must not only look their best but also accessorize well.

Many Bothans died to bring us the information for crafting this wondrous item:

  • A snath cut from a World Tree root
  • A chine forged in hellfire from purified Netherworld obsidian
  • A grip leathered with the wings of a skewered imp
  • Twin rings of chain woven from blooded 13th-century Mongol armor
  • Silver medallions cut with my unique crest to adorn the tang
  • Charmed with forty-two runes of the Mortal Realm


Darkness and Providence

As an instrument and artifact of the corporeal and incorporeal, Lenore’s creation wasn’t enough; she desired unique empowerment. Fortunately, the forces of shadow and light are oft on-hand for such things. Father Evil and the Angel Castiel happily provided the required and necessary balance.


Balanced and Just

On that fateful day (or night) of our prearranged meet-and-greet, don’t hesitate to ask if I can introduce you. Lenore doesn’t view herself as a cold thing to be feared… but rather as a work of art and intrigue. Like myself, she looks forward to meeting you all.

💀 #grmdrpr