What happens when you start creating words and/or using obscure phrases unique to a specific medium or area? You have to document it for the newbies to learn and the veterans to remember! So, as best as we can, we’re going to try and document the mayhem around here. Try to keep up.

  • Awards Season – The third of three seasons in the film release year, it starts September 1st and ends December 31st, mostly franchise pics, holiday films, expensive dramas set out as awards-bait, and Indie films starting only in New York and LA that dream of wide releases.
  • Bechdel Test – Also known as the Alison Bechdel test (or the Liz Wallace test, according to Alison herself), this is a validity measure of female characters in film. To pass, it must (1) have two female characters (2) who talk to each other (3) about something other than men. Originally appeared in the comic “Dykes to Watch Out For” installment called “The Rule” circa 1985.
  • Chiller – Dark and twisty. The subject matter is undead, unnatural, or supernatural in origin, not to mention downright spooky. One third of The Tumultuous Trinity.
  • Diller – Any film featuring a wise-cracking old bat lady.
  • Dumping Season – Formerly known as Post Awards Season, the first of three film release seasons in the calendar running from January 1st to April 30th. It is where Indie movies that weren’t Oscar-worthy are left to die and studios may actually take a few risks with films before demanding you fill their theater seats to make up for the early losses.
  • Filler – How way too many movies reach feature-length (80 minutes or longer).
  • Griller – Any movie featuring an outdoor barbecue, family reunion, or other gathering around a grill. More often than not a Tyler Perry movie or a country music video.
  • Killer – Murderous and deadly. The subject matter deals with death, dying, or killing, with or without a hockey mask. One third of The Tumultuous Trinity.
  • Lidless Eye Out – The ultimate sacrifice of one (or both) of your peepers in pursuit of forbidden knowledge (or a really good tip on an upcoming film). You can always wear an eye patch later because pirates are cool. If you plucked them both out, we recommend sunglasses.
  • Misconceivable – A new term we invented by combining “misconception” with “inconceivable.” The idea is that someone’s science fiction has just crossed the line into pure fantasy or that the filmmakers really have no idea where a story was going to begin with (Update: this is a real word. Well, crap.)
  • Reaping & Critiquing – Both the day job and hobby of your host, the Angel of Death. Which one does he prefer? If you’re still able to read this, you’ve really only experienced the latter half. Want the former to compare it to? Let’s not rush things; you only get THAT experience once (cue spooky music).
  • Setupforsequelitis – An affliction ranging from mild to severe that affects a film’s ability to perform by seeding too many elements that reek more of setup for possible future installments rather than deal strictly with the here and now.
  • Severed Head’s Up – Somebody letting us know something, preferably still bleeding fresh from its wound source.
  • Spiller – A film that features physical comedy, including pratfalls, groin kicks, and bathroom scene revolving around the toilet.
  • Stiller – Any film starring, featuring a cameo by, directed by, or produced by Ben Stiller (there’s more than you think).
  • Summer Blockbuster Season – The second of three seasons in the film release year, it starts May 1st and ends August 31st. It is easily identified with one, two, or five must-see movies opening every weekend.
  • Thriller – Explosive and unruly. The subject matter earth-shattering, over-the-top, and could mean the end of life as we know it. One third of The Tumultuous Trinity.
  • The Tumultuous Trinity – Thrillers, Chillers, and Killers, the three types of film we love to see on the big screen. If a film falls into two of these categories, even better. And if it meets all three criteria, it had better not suck.
  • The Undead are Watching – We’re Undead (not alive and not dead), and we’re watching. What are we watching? Thrillers, Chillers, and Killers (see The Tumultuous Trinity).
  • Uninterable – An adjective built on the verb “inter” to indicate something or someone that cannot or will not be buried within the earth (and we’re pretty sure we invented this one!)