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Review: ‘A Quiet Place’ (Sounds Interesting)

Be vewwy vewwy quiet; they’re hunting you! Day 89. A family of five moves barefoot through an empty small town, making as little noise as humanly possible while collecting essentials. Society appears to have ground to a halt with walls … Continue reading

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Review: ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ (the action-packed sci-fi blockbuster you didn’t watch)

Smug Cruise, stupid Cruise, needy Cruise, awesome Cruise. Cage (Tom Cruise) is a military media liaison covering an alien invasion of Earth and helping to recruit soldiers to the cause…mostly to avoid being shipped off to battle himself. On the … Continue reading

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Review: ‘Looper’ (taking a blunderbus to your future)

If you had to do it all over again, could you still kill your future self in order to live the good life now? The year is 2044. Time travel hasn’t been invented yet, but it will be… in thirty … Continue reading

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