Today’s Reaper Thing: Death and Politics

Now you know my opinion.

Death Catches Up to Freddy… Sorry, WITH Freddy!

The Angel of Death meets the Man of Your Dreams…!

Taken at Spooky Empire 2012!

The Reaper Rants: “Showstopper”

Shot at the 2011 MegaCon in Orlando, Florida, I make my rounds on the dealer floor (with a little help from Wilhelm’s scream).

The Reaper Rants: “That Thing I Do”

Here’s a new video, where I answer one the most common questions I’m ever asked.
Also includes a bonus Survival Tip! (with footage from Ancient City Con 2012)

Today’s Reaper Thing: Drive-By Texting

Now for a public service announcement.

The Reaper Rants: The Reaper Credo

A little something I wrote a while ago that I thought would be amusing to see filmed.
Dedicated to US Marines everywhere.

Today’s Reaper Thing: The Poker Room

I don’t always gamble for a soul, but when I do….