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Review: ‘Blade Runner 2049’ (Do Androids Dream of Electric Storks)

Is cribbing from “Orphan Black” a Philip K. Dick move? Not necessarily. Synthetic beings are still a thing in the future of 2049, and the ones who hunt the dangerous among them are still called Blade Runners. Essentially a noir … Continue reading

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Review: ‘Enders Game’ (do you want to know more?)

Are you doing your part? You know, by breeding bullying jerks to save the human race? The near future: a spacefaring alien race called the Formics attack the Earth in a bid for colonization, but the brave sacrifice of Mazer … Continue reading

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Review: ‘Cowboys and Aliens’

Hey, wouldn’t a prequel to Independence Day about an advance alien scout ship landing in the Old West be cool? Surprise! It is. The 1870s, somewhere in the Old West: a stranger (Daniel Craig) awakens in the wilderness with no … Continue reading

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