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Review: ‘The Incredibles 2’ (in Brad Bird we trust)

After fifteen years: still incredible. Picking up at the end of the first film, the family leaps into action but are afterward nabbed by the police for breaking the law: acting like superheroes. With no house and no government intervention, … Continue reading

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Review: The Incredibles

Forget what you know about the film versions of Superman, Batman, the X-men, or even Spider-Man. Simply put, The Incredibles is the greatest superhero film ever.

Mr. Incredible (voice of Craig T. Nelson) is a superhero at the top of his game. With super strength and go-it-alone attitude, he lives the glory of saving the day time and again?€¦ right up until a series of frivolous lawsuits destroys everything it means to be a ?€?super.?€? The government takes charge and offers to relocate America?€™s superhero population to secret, normal lives and waive the lawsuits on one condition: they never do anything super again… Continue reading

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