Review: "The Ghouligans Super Show"

Picture “The Monster Squad” invading “PeeWee’s Playhouse” (no, not the CBS children’s show, the one on HBO back before people forgot how much fun having a dark and twisted sense of humor was).

The Ghouligans are back, and this time in their very own super show! See the low-rent but still-proud vampire Count Farnham (Justin Hertz), the lovable rotting zombie Void (Sean King), the original party animal Wolfgang (Peter Bune), and the big man (with head and bolts to match) they call Boris (Michael Koscik) as they hang out at the castle, party on the beach, and indulge in their personal hobbies. Don’t forget their fishy friend Krill Gill (Rick Maggio) and the aptly-named sixties-styled “Ghouligirls” (Jamie Joan Frevele, Theresa Koscik, and Erica Curcio). Laugh along with the show or the cast will eat you. Okay, not really (but seriously, they will).

Video store shelves are filled with Z-rated horror flicks long before they wind up as pathetic Saturday night SciFi Channel movies. There are also a few gems to be found occasionally, shows where you know the cast had as much fun making their non-studio adventure on the cheap and with everyone’s input. “The Ghouligans Super Show” is an example of that dark and twisted humor that’s a little too far to debut on Comedy Central but also too underground for pay cable. Well, it sucks to be them because, for those who get it, “The Ghouligans” got it.

Not that I have any personal experiences dressing up in a ghoulish outfit and having fun at the expense of others, The Ghouligans gang are gracious hosts who cook up various segments that play off the strengths (read: weaknesses) of their characters, like an over-the-hill vampire or a lonely zombie. There’s also plenty of flesh on the grill (I like mine seared to keep it cool and juicy inside) and a surfin’ sixties vibe that’s only missing a bomb shelter and Frankie Avalon. With props and sets looking charmingly like they were borrowed from “Sigmund and the Sea Monsters,” even the mysterious inclusion of masked Luchadors doesn’t seem too far fetched.

There’s almost nothing like this on broadcast television anywhere. Like “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark,” untold legions of public access television horror hosts, and people who simply enjoy dressing up to act out in front of a camera, The Ghouligans are the reason web surfers spend hours combing through videos of children acting out Star Wars scenes trying to catch a glimpse of genuinely clever, decently-edited, original programming that isn’t exclusively meant to sell you blue jeans or diet soda. If you’re into ghoulish subject matter, twisted humor, and performers willing to do whatever it takes to entertain you, give “The Ghouligans Super Show” a try, and tell ’em The Reaper sent ya.

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