First Thoughts: "The Cape"

With “Heroes” now defunct, NBC-Universal has decided to give “The Cape” a go, a superhero modeled after a comic book character when called for in desperate times.

In the first hour, EVERYONE can see who “The Cape” is under that hood (use a mask much?) but, of course, no one does. Then there’s the tacked-on time-padding scene in the hardware store. Who decided The Cape’s secret identity outfit was a cap and hoodie? The only thing more suspiciously trying “not to get noticed” was Ms. Glau’s 2010 gull wing Mercedes Benz from the second hour. Speaking of the second hour, doesn’t Chess know where Keith David’s “secret” carnie lair is? His thugs came and got him in a scene played off stage? Shouldn’t he move, maybe, to a more secure location?

If the premise is about keeping identities secret and who is responsible for what, the writers might consider making that a priority. And making the hero ex-special forces on top of being an ex-cop with a lawyer wife who gave it up to raise a child on a detective’s salary? It’s a good thing that The Cape is “fun,” because it has lost all sense of credibility right off of the rooftop. And seriously, standing on a illuminated rooftop at night? Lucky the camera cut away before “The Cape” had to go back inside and push the elevator button to get back down.

Speak up, Mortal -- and beware of Spoilers!

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