A Reboot of Ghostbusters Had to Happen – Editorial

Speaking as a film critic, I think this NEEDED to happen: a full reboot. New characters, and the new group needed to be seen discovering the problem, inventing the equipment, and getting it done. The first group was all guys; why NOT all women? Lemme check…um…no, the only times being a man was important was Venkman creeping on his client and Stantz enjoying his PG-13 wet dream.

Ghostbusters2016RowenSure, it might have been nice if, after Ghostbusters 2, maybe there was an off-screen secret mission and, on the eve of opening multiple franchises across the US, the known Ghostbusters were all sucked into a dimensional rift while saving the world once again. The rightfully paranoid government (operating under Walter Peck) confiscated the “dangerous” equipment and buried it in an MiB warehouse, never to be seen again. This is all in spite of multiple denied requests by Egon’s daughter to reclaim what she considers her birthright after dad went missing when she was five; in the present and with a doctorate’s degree, she is able to replicate and improve upon her late father’s detection and capture equipment, enlisting previous classmates and a local subway-working acquaintance when she discovers a huge PKE surge from the tunnels below in conjunction to her current work…

A nice idea, but then the movie would have been about THEM, not the new team. What else could they do? Kill them off? Yeah, they MIGHT have done that — and maybe people would have been less cranky about it — but they didn’t. Murray was never going to agree to it and Rick Moranis quit the industry while waiting for a sequel. This is what we’ve got, it’s looking better all the time, and I’ll go and see it. Let’s just cool it with all the hate toward Paul Feig, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth.

After I have seen it, I’ll let you know if my idea was better or not.

FYI: where are all of my new reviews? Hey…it’s hard keeping up with all these celebrities — don’t you watch the news? — so shut up.

Please feel free to post your support and/or hate in the comments below.


One comment

  1. I like your premise, Grim. hehe Looking forward to what you think of the movie when it comes out.

    I am excited by the prospect of four of the funniest women on the planet taking the helm in the reboot. Sure the first trailer failed to impress me, but I don’t judge a movie on its trailer.

    And of course women can hold the lead in action/comedy movies. Sheesh. If some men feel they can’t identify with a woman hero, I say, don’t sell yourself short lads. Women have been doing it since the first silent movie hero graced the silver screen. We’re used to mostly male leads, and don’t mind them so much. But we also want to see ourselves represented on the screen as fully actualized characters, not bodice- ripped femme fatales who need the men to save the day.

    I’ll also remind you that people loved Ripley in the Alien franchise. She carried that franchise, and the men who played beside her weren’t emasculated. Nor were fans.

    I loved the original Ghostbusters, too, and it has a special place in my heart. I’m not going to lose that because I welcome a new cast sporting XX chromosomes in the reboot. No one can take our childhood good times from us. Venkman will still be Venkman at the end of the day.


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