Fandemic Tour Arrives in Houston Mid-September 2018

While its inaugural Houston, Texas debut originally scheduled in 2017 prior to Hurricane Harvey was wisely postponed, Fandemic Tour opens their doors September 14th-16th, 2018, advertising itself as a “new convention experience” in The Bayou City.

What is Fandemic, you ask? Is it worth the ticket price? Is it just a one-shot show?

There are two main reasons why we’re interested: current actors and cosplayers — things near and dear to our hearts here at With scheduled celebrity appearances including Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Bruce Campbell, Michael Rooker, Steven Yeun, and Sebastian Stan, the show covers superhero films, the horror genre, and a lot of what’s in between. The guest list is still filling up with just under two months to go.

Location, location, location. Cosplayers either need access to their vehicles or to a decently priced hotel room for all things costuming, both in short supply for Houston’s Comicpalooza. In contrast, Fandemic has secured the highly accessible NRG Center for their three-day weekend, which means they’re thinking big. Pros: plenty of parking, easy to get in and out of, and reasonable on-site food options. Cons: no connected hotels. This is great news for locals but may require additional word for out-of-towners — plan accordingly.

A word on professionalism: after “recent debacles” with would-be new conventions to the Houston area, Fandemic certainly appears to be the real deal if reviews of their recent Sacramento, California show are any indication, including this one from DropTheSpotlight. But there may be a clear reason why.

This ties into the third reason we’re interested… and why you should be, too. A former showrunner at Wizard World, John Macaluso (no, not the drummer) reportedly intends no more than two-to-four shows a year while targeting under-served areas such as Houston. His reputation appears golden as detailed in this article from ComicsBeat:

“People always felt comfortable at our shows, from the guests to the vendors to the fans. And that’s our philosophy: take care of the fans first. No long lines. Good programming.” He added, “When I do a show it’s like you’re coming to my house. The place had better be clean and we’re going to treat you like a guest.”

Color us intrigued, but seeing is believing. We’ll be covering the show when it arrives… and the Angel of Death doesn’t like being disappointed.

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