Animated Demons, Nazi Puppets, and Axe Murderers — Preview Trailers

These all look interesting, and each for completely different reasons.

Constantine: City Of Demons — “In a world of shadows and dark magic, not everything is what it seems, and there’s always a price to pay. The path to redemption is never easy, and if Constantine is to succeed, he must navigate through the dark urban underbelly of Los Angeles, outwit the most cunning spawns of hell, and come face to face with arch-nemesis Nergal – all while battling his own inner demons!” You had me at “Matt Ryan is voicing Constantine.”

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich — “Fangoria is back with a truly unrated reimagining of the beloved horror-comedy with all the gory practical special effects you can imagine! Edgar is recently divorced and returns to his childhood home where he finds a nefarious looking puppet in his deceased brother’s room.” Casting Udo Kier is always a good thing.

Lizzie — “Academy Award® nominee Chloë Sevigny (Boys Don’t Cry, “Big Love”) stars as Lizzie Borden, the notorious woman at the heart of one of the most enduring mysteries in American history. After a lifetime of loneliness, Lizzie finds a kindred spirit in housemaid Bridget Sullivan (Kristen Stewart) and their secret intimacy sparks an unthinkable act.” Directed by Craig William Macneill who brought us 2015’s The Boy.

Which of these are you excited about? Comment below!

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