Fandemic Houston: Fandom Friday

The doors to Fandemic Tour finally opened in Houston, Texas today, giving H-town its first peek. The guest lines moved quickly, the volunteers kept everything going, and fun was had.

Early cosplayers made their Friday appearance.

Since Bruce Campbell is a guest, why not his infamous Delta 88? And while we’re at it, the original 1960s Batmobile also made a stop for the event.

The dealers area was fully stocked with all kinds of goodies, from laser-etched Pokeballs to Ashy Slashy puppets. There are also plenty of prop and collector weapons on hand, not to mention more fandom figurines than you can shake an Ultra Saber at.

This mysterious lady told us there could be a Henna tattoo in your future…

… while this kid warned us about the clowns in the sewers before being dragged off.

There are two more Fandemic Tour days left at NRG Center in Houston, Texas; missing it could a fate worse than me.

Speak up, Mortal -- and beware of Spoilers!

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