2005 ‘Star Wars Fan Film Reviews’

This is the last day left to vote in this year’s Atom Films Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards, and they need your help. Not that we’d ever try to influence your thinking (cough) but here’s what we thought…

“The Yody Years” – More promise than premise, this flash-animated Yoda story is quaint but quick. 2 skulls

“Walk in a Bamboo Bush” – A trippy re-imagining of various scenes from Episode IV that you just kinda have to see. 2.5 skulls

“Tiny Toys” – An new twist on the old “let’s get out all the toys and do the stop motion animated thing” as one woman must defeat a plastic empire; nice references to Kill Bill and Gulliver’s Travels. 2.5 skulls

“Star Wars TV” – Two short commercials for stuff the creator didn’t make, but the sandwich shop commercial is priceless. 3.0 skulls

“Star Wars: Elements” – The Pirates of Penzance would like to have their gag back now, please. Clever, but too quick to really enjoy all the work that had to have gone into it. 1.5 skulls

“Speeder” – The real joke to this finalist is that someone let it in (boo! hiss!) and the credits are half the running time. 0.5 skulls

“Sith Apprentice” – What “Star Wars TV” promised, this 12+ minute video is as long as an actual episode of Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” (once you remove the commercials, that is). The writing, the characters, the effects, all of it is top notch, even in the bad parts. 4.0 skulls (must see!)

“Real Men of the Empire” – Men are pigs, even in a galaxy far, far away. 2.5 skulls

“One Season More” – The first song written for Star Wars: The Musical, and what’s REALLY creepy is that it isn’t half bad. This was a joke… right? 3.0 skulls

“Kessel Run Infraction” – Awesome animation, so-so bit. 1.5 skulls

“For Love of the Film” – A fan film about film fans and what happens when their beloved movie goes down for the count. Looks like it was as much to make as it was to watch it. 3.5 skulls

“Ewok” – Short, quick, and gratifying. 3.0 skulls

“Cheap Seats” – Fun but a bit annoying, but that’s kinda the point. 2.5 skulls

“Boba” – What it lacks in unpredictability, it makes up for in heart. 2.5 skulls

“Anakin Dynamite” – Ugh. Why? 0.0 skulls

“Aieko” – Five seconds too long, but otherwise amusing. 2.5 skulls


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