Review: ‘The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day’

A sequel is generally expected to provide more of the same, but every so often, a fresh installment not only meets but exceeds the original. For fans of the original underground hit, the sequel we were all wishing for has arrived.

Word has reached the shores of Ireland that a priest has been killed in Boston, Massachusetts. What is most unusual about the heinous crime isn’t so much the act itself as to the way it was done; the murder follows the modus operandi of the legendary “Saints” killers who have been missing since publicly executing a mob boss. It’s obvious that whoever perpetrated the crime did so with the knowledge that it may well bring the Saints back to U.S. soil for bloody vengeance, but there’s one fatal flaw in the assassin’s plan: it’s going to work.

Like many, my first experience with The Boondock Saints was long after any theatrical run. With no knowledge of the sorted history bringing this film to the big screen, it was a feast of memorable characters, stylized violence, and twisted humor tied together by a simple plot: what to do with those above the law. Now the MacManus brothers have returned (again played by Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus), but the new story is both darker yet still just as zany. For any fans worried that anything has tainted their beloved Saints, the plot comes together like a mirror breaking in reverse, scattered pieces that suddenly falls perfectly together to become crystal clear. It’s exactly what you wanted plus a few things more (thanks, Troy! Can we call you Troy?)

Writer/director/producer Troy Duffy knows his story and runs with his film like a child with scissors. All Saints Day furthers the style of the original, beginning with the discovered aftermath of a crime scene before someone starts theorizing how it all went down. Half the fun, however, is watching the corrected revisions of the embellished events that never happen as planned and are usually inspired by some other action flick. In spite of losses in the first film, a common question being asked by fans, “Is everyone back?” Let’s tentatively say yes, including paying respects to those lost in the original and in the time between the two films (and that’s about as much in spoilers as you’ll squeeze out of me.)

Saints newcomer Julie Benz (as a FBI special agent) steals every scene she’s in, even from the MacManus brothers themselves. Judd Nelson does a wicked turn as a paranoid mob boss, and there’s a few additional surprises worked into the cast as well. If every film as beloved as The Boondock Saints could enjoy a sequel this well-crafted and thought out, no film fan would ever complain about franchises again, plus there’s still enough wiggle room in the storyline to put one more Saints film out there. And while we’re waiting for Mr. Duffy to pool his talent together one last time? We’ll have a Coke.

(a four skull recommendation out of four)


  1. YAY!!! I found this movie to be a welcome return of the original. I really enjoyed the character?€™s development and how they still kept with the same fun antics and brotherly fighting in the first. I give it 4/4 shimmies!! Hahaha

    Great review Grim!!


  2. I have already been contacted offline by a few individuals who don’t agree with my review and, while not wanting to air it out here, feel my opinion should for some reason be more in line with theirs.

    I have three words for all of them: “Lick my coccyx.”


  3. I stumbled on your website one night when I was looking at movie review sites. I was wondering what other people thought of Boondock Saints 2. I personally thought it was the single worst movie I ever spent Theater admission on. I watched about 65% of the movie before getting up and getting a refund. I will not be rude towards the movie because I understand that it could have taken a turn for the better if I had stayed. I had some people tell me that the last quarter of the movie is full of ACTION or such. I hated the movie Transporter 2 and I hated the 65% of this movie that I watched. The red headed chick and the bar scene are by far the stupidest aspects of the movie for me. If it is supposed to be a mindless COMEDY with some action then I just might give it 2 stars. If this is supposed to be an ACTION film with 2 cool guys and a clever plot, I would give it a BIG FAT 0.
    Really Nice website though and I not trying to attack you or your loyal fans.


  4. I Just dont get how this rehash even appears good to some… The dialogs are weak at best and delivered with a campiness that could only come from combining the best traits from classic b-movie horror acting and story driven porno acting. The “comedy” is less than funny, at best it appeals to people who believe Terrance and Philip style (southpark in case you might miss the reference) fart humor is the highest form of comedic art. The cursing was there for an apparent lack of words to be expressed on screen. A great deal of the shots and sequences were simply an homage to his previous film at best, but unlike the film they first appeared in, these shots served to do nothing to move the story forward or add content/context to any scene. The strongest acting came from the stuttering tourettes bartender, even though they insult the character almost immediately calling him fuck ass for another cheap joke rather than allow him to finish saying his name. For that matter, the whole movie seems to take what was a perfectly fine story in the first film, skin it alive then makes a marionette out of its once life filled visage. Even with one fifteenth of the film being made up of the first movies scenes edited in, Very little about the film felt necessary… the film was in my opinion unnecessary and lost every shred of appreciable similarity to the film it has chosen to borrow a name. I understand why fans went out to see it… but i would have hoped the fans would have appreciated the strengths of the first cinematic work, instead im finding that audiences are getting simpler and simpler. I dont expect those of you who like the film to realize how simple you must be to enjoy such tripe, but i can appreciate how being simple helps, you got though the movie with a smile on your face rather than pulling out your hair suffering a this P.O.S. And *** when you read this you probably wont realize that i had made some statement to your incompetence… Smile and nod.


  5. John (may I call you John?),
    I agree… NONE of this film was necessary. That said, it WAS greatly desired, and Troy Duffy has indeed delivered a love letter to fans who get the original.

    By the way, did you know it came out in stores today in standard DVD, Blu-ray, and special edition “steelbook” with bonus DVD?


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