#FandemicTour NRG Center (Part 3)

Fandemic Tour was at NRG Center this past weekend. Another great show is in the history books!

#SebCon2 was in full swing at the 2pm panel on Sunday, Oct 20th, 2019. Stephanie C. got some great shots of Sebastian Stan speaking to a packed room of happy fans.

Here’s a little of what you missed at the Private VIP Panel and Breakfast 2019!

An hour earlier, Death himself accepted an invitation by Dicey Grenor and Chantell Renee to a live panel for their Sex & Horror Podcast (sorry, no kids allowed… even on Kids Day!)

We met many cosplayers showing love for their fandoms and enjoyed the enthusiasm of artists, actors, and other creators meeting their fans. In its second show in Houston, Texas, Fandemic continues to bring crowds into a suitable venue. Signage could be a little sparse at times, but there were plenty of volunteers on-hand to answer questions, not to mention hands-on “Selfie John” running around putting out fires and keeping things running smoothly.

Here’s to another great year of Fandemic Tour! #fandemictour #fandemichouston

💀 #grmdrpr #moviecryptdotcom #reapingwhathollywoodsows

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