MovieCrypt Tour — Where the Hell Have We Been for Two Months?

Some of you mortals know my work is the definition of essential; therefore, I haven’t had lots of time to “Netflix and chill.” Instead, I decided to put my minion Kevin to work expanding my crypt and getting it ready for the future. Have a look at some of what I’ve ordered accomplished!

I have a Pleasure Room. Would you like to see it?

It takes a lot of (stolen) power to keep the lights and A/C on underneath a cemetery in Texas… especially in Galveston.

The Skulls of my Enemies are certified dishwasher safe.

Yes, Father Evil watches over my crypt… and my boom box.

That isn’t a bust of Medusa; that’s actually her… after everything that whippersnapper Perseus and his cheating dad did to her. #jealousysucks #justiceforthekraken

The bust of me was a gift from Baron Samedi… because he said I couldn’t try his top hat on. #onedaysoon

This is Nelson hanging around on the chain. His full name? Half Nelson. Clever observers will notice my scythes Lenore and Vivian both hanging around.

Mary Sue is always photo-ready whenever she’s not playing with her hellhounds, Butch and Sundance. or the ghosts that haunt our place. Jacque the Monkey is hanging around on the left; don’t stare at him too long or you’ll attract his attention.

Uh oh — you’ve been spotted. Guess our tour is over… unless you’d like to become a permanent part of my decor. No? Exit through the curtain and climb back out through the cemetery while you still can!

Til the first and last time we meet…!
~ Grim D. Reaper 💀 #grmdrpr

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