Comicpalooza 2022: Great Expectations

From the official website: “Inspiring con-goers to embrace their inner superhero among a community of fellow pop-culture aficionados, Comicpalooza returns to the George R. Brown Convention Center July 15-17 (2022) for a weekend of anime, comics, gaming, literature, cosplay and more!”

As reported on, Comicpalooza began as most conventions do: a handful of artists, writers, and merchants staffing tables in a high-traffic venue hoping to be seen, in this case the Houston Alamo Drafthouse. Comicpalooza expanded into their current venue as of 2010, drawing thousands of popular arts, genre, and comics fans each year. In the fourth largest city in the United States, it is reportedly the fourth largest area event after the Houston Rodeo, Houston Pride, and the Astroworld Festival… no small feat.

Passes are on sale now, but what can passholders expect?

The Stars at Night are Big and Bright

From superhero film stars to genre favorites, the guest list has grown over the last month with Alice Cooper topping our musical horror must-meet list! Fans of Amazon Prime Video’s “The Boys” can look forward to panels and autographs with Antony Starr and Karen Fukuhara. “The Magicians” cast will be on-hand (including Hale Appleman, Summer Bisial, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Trevor Einhorn, and Stella Maeve), while the “Stargate” franchise will also represent (Michael Shanks, Ben Browder, and Joe Flanigan). The ninth “Doctor Who” Christopher Eccleston is scheduled to appear; Terminator 2, “X-Files,” and “Peacemaker” actor Robert Patrick is coming. Actor’s actor Jackie Earle Haley has been in everything from Watchman and RoboCop to “Human Target” and the first season of “Preacher.” Lance Reddick from “Fringe,” “Lost,” and the John Wick series will also be stopping by.

There’s more on the list, including up-and-coming actors and filmmakers you might have heard of and more to discover for the first time. Set aside time between panels and signing lines to see who’s around on the sold-out vendor floor. You never know what local and famous talent you’ll find, like our pal Joe Grisaffi, shown here trying to talk his way out of an early grave (full disclosure: he wasn’t on my list, but I let him make excuses anyway).

Unique and One-of-a-Kind Shopping

“Unique local and national exhibitors sharing their diverse collection of handmade goods, art and collectibles” is always a thing at Comicpalooza, but you can’t buy a thing without a ticket. Along with the usual limited, hard-to-find exclusives, local and visiting artists and creators are all in one easy stop with no shipping costs.

Our buddy Yamin Salazar can make any logo or custom design out of metal… and does it *by hand* so that every piece is unique (including some of my own personal affects). His website is, but to get the full effect, you really need to see his wares live and in-person… and whatever he’s working on now!

And of Course: the Comics

Comics guests include Hailey Brown, Jock, Rage Morales, and Stephanie Philips… but don’t stop there. The famed Artists Alley comes fully stocked with your new favorite writers, artists, inkers, and colorists. Meet independent publishers like Joshua Starnes (who’s also a fellow Houston Film Critic) and get to know his work with Red 5 Comics.

Cosplayers Represent!

Meet your heroes (super and otherwise) as fans become their best version of the characters they love. With all the madness and multiverse movies and television out over the last few years, anything and everything goes! Form myths and legends to villains and monsters, all of them will converge on the George R. Brown convention center this mid-July.

You may even catch your Death (aka myself, Grim D. Reaper) on Saturday afternoon, so don’t “fear the reaper,” ask for a photo, and be sure to tag it #grmdrpr on Facebook, Twitter, and InstaGram so I can share all the ones who got away.

See you there, mortals! 💀

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