2022 Top Ten Films (and Honorable Mentions)

While theater attendance still hasn’t caught up with pre-pandemic levels and there have been fewer films released, there have been some very good ones — so many, in fact, it’s hard to say which are better than the others. This list of ten films from 2022 kept my attention, but there were many wonderful films this year; don’t neglect my honorable mentions!

2022 Top Ten Films

10 – The Menu

9 – Marcel the Shell With Shoes On

8 – The Fablemans

7 – The Black Phone

6 – Nope

5 – Puss In Boots: The Last Wish

4 – Top Gun: Maverick

3 – Three Thousand Years of Longing

2 – Till

1 – Everything Everywhere All at Once

Honorable Mentions:

Prey, Hellraiser (2022), She Said, Violent Night, The Northman, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness; X/Pearl ; Avatar: The Way of Water, Tar, The Bad Guys

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