Review: ‘Antz’

Like Disney’s Toy Story, viewers of Antz quickly forget they are watching a CGI cartoon and fall very quickly into Antz’s simple story teeming with inside jokes and incredible feats of animation. Entertainment is the bottom line here, but from many of the lines and situations, one can’t help but notice that the parents were laughing and the children were not. Unlike Toy Story, Antz is a children’s story told by adults to adults, including a few very adult situations. Disney has suffered similar problems in both The Black Cauldron and more recently The Hunchback of Notre Dame: just because it’s animated doesn’t means kids should understand it. Fortunately, Antz is rated PG, so consider yourselves warned before taking the little ones. Bottom line: an overall no-brainer action-comedy with a brilliant vocal-casting job and more than a few surprises along the way…!

(3 out of 4)

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