Review: ‘The Avengers’

While most critics this summer (1998) will tell you how awful it was, only two movies that I have seen actually fall into this category: the ill-fated Godzilla, and, to my great dismay, The Avengers. Clues were everywhere, from the main actors (Thurman, Finnes, and Connery) refusing to endorse it to the studio blocking pre-release reviews. Still, we hoped. Similar to Lost in Space, which was a welcome upgrade and mainstreaming of the television series, you got more from the movie having seen the television version first. But unfortunately, The Avengers makes no sense if you’ve never seen it before. With special effects too good for the material and subplots left dangling, making this movie must have been especially torturous to those playing in it. If you’ve seen the TV show and just have to see Uma in tight black leather, remember: you’ve been warned. Try to catch the matinee and save a buck.

(0.5 out of 4)


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