Review: ‘The 6th Day’

The title borrows from the Book of Genesis from the Bible about the creation of man on the sixth day. The plot, however, borrows from films like Bladerunner and Total Recall. Interestingly, once you remove Ah-nold and his trademark explosions, there are hints of a story that seems too good for merely blowing everything up at the end.

Arnold Schwarzenegger IS Adam Gibson, a mild-mannered hi-tech helicopter pilot with a yearning for old-fashioned conveniences (seriously). After his partner trades places to let Adam attend his own birthday party, we witness what appears to be the death of his partner and the client. Later that night, Adam arrives home only to find his own party going on without him and to see HIMSELF already inside enjoying it. And, of course, that’s when the bad guys all show up…

Once again, Arnold finds himself in a futuristic morality tale where he must use whatever talents he has to save himself, his family, and all humanity. This time, it’s Arnold vs. the clones, as illegal technology is combined with a special device that can “download” your current personality and memory can recycle dead bad guys into fresh new ones. Taking a cue from Enemy of the State, these henchman are mostly just doing their jobs, and they have more than a few complaints about being killed over and over again! That, along with the religious aspects about whether or not a immortal soul can be cloned as well, more than a few interesting questions and situations arise. Total Recall hinted at a world that was picked up and redeveloped as a Showtime Network television series, and Eraser is being said to be being developed in the same way. The 6th Day has the same potential and may prove to be the best concept of all.

Unfortunately, at about the same time everything gets interesting, it’s time for the special effects and explosions and that’s that. There are full size “whisper” craft (helicopters of the future!) rendered in CGI to be used in spine-tingling chases for our amusement, new and interesting “laser” guns, and a super-science cloning lab that simply MUST be destroyed by the end of the picture. Throw in a few predicatable twists with predicatable performances and you’ve still got your standard, run-of-the-mill Ah-nold picture: not bad, but nothing great. If you liked Eraser, you’ll enjoy this. If you were expecting True Lies, keep waiting. Maybe Ah-nold has the BEST idea about his waning action flicks: move over to comedy and let the younger guys kill themselves for fun and profit.

(an average 2.5 out of 4 skulls.)

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