We’re the Original Movie Crypt, and the Reaper is Coming for You

We recently posted a bit about others online using “Movie Crypt” as their own title for sites and shows online. This was pointed out to us by a concerned minion who feared we were being unfairly copied; why couldn’t they do something “original?” But, alas, there are very few original ideas out there, and that was when our good buddies at Lilwickids.com pointed out the truth of the matter.

Lilwickidz ‏@Lilwickidz 20 May
@GrimDReaper, there will always be imitators, but there will only be one real The Movie Crypt with Death at its ghastly helm.

The sad fact is that this is our fault. How can it be that there’s anyone out there who doesn’t know who we are and we do here? To this end, consider the coffin lid kicked open and the other tombstone dropped. The skies will darken and the dead will rise, and behind them you will see us, all of us, laughing maniacally and with scythes unsheathed. It’s going to be a slaughter; see you at the aftermath!


Speak up, Mortal -- and beware of Spoilers!

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