The Bitter Truth About Death – Editorial

Perspective time: I talk a lot of shit.

It’s true, but it’s not my fault. I look and act like this because of the collective fears of all humanity as the personification of death (which IS my middle name, BTW). HOWEVER, I’m still an Earth-bound entity like yourselves…I’m STUCK here, man. No access to Heaven, Hell, or God knows where. If there’s a Bowie/Prince concert tomorrow, I’m going to miss it until the End of Time (Old Scratch loves reminding me of that).

I didn’t make the Divine Plan. I’m following along one day at a time… just like all of you.

So yeah…I get a sticky-note of who to pick up and escort to the gates (with the occasional idiot who jumps the gun), and it may (read: WILL) get a little rough if you run and really tick me off. I get to meet everyone but often only once, so before you go off blaming the me for taking away your favorite people, just remember: I miss them, too.

Until the first and last time we meet,

~ Grim D. Reaper


Speak up, Mortal -- and beware of Spoilers!

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