Review: ‘Deadpool’ (let’s make fun of superheroes, kids!)

How was this not reviewed here already? Just see it — end of review. Shoo.

4 Skull Recommendation Out of Four

Seriously — that’s it… that’s all you need to know. Out. Go away.

You’re still here? Very well — let’s review.

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is an ex-Specials Forces jerk with a heart of… something. Doing small semi-illegal for-hire jobs around NYC, he hangs out at the bar of his buddy Weasel (TJ Miller) until the day he hits it off with a prostitute named Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). Kindred spirits, all’s cool between them until Wade discovers he’s dying, attracting the attention of The Recruiter (Jed Rees) and his boss Ajax (Ed Skrein). With no options left and unable to face Vanessa, Wade agrees to a procedure that could cure him but discovers it will actually disfigure and enslave him, setting up the requisite escape, a vow of revenge, plenty of firefights, a considerable body count, the smell of old people, and unicorn abuse — plus the usual stopping the bad guy, saving the day, and getting the girl. Maybe.

The trailers are what started this, or rather a leaked bit of all-CGI footage voiced by Ryan Reynolds himself. The high-res storyboard animatic showcased a scene where Deadpool drops in on an SUV full of thugs and kicks butt. Although no one has openly admitted who leaked it, the ten-year shelved project abruptly got the green light, and director Tim Miller began assembling the project with star Ryan Reynolds attached. Actual teasers and trailers pushed the Deadpool fourth-wall breaking brand: a superhero so off his rocker he talks to his readers/viewers in-character as though he knows he’s a character… much to the confusion of everyone around him. Did the crazy antics fill theaters and give everyone what they paid for?

Hells yeah! Ever since that weird X-Men Origins: Wolverine thing where Wade Wilson became some mouthless multi-mutant freak, Reynolds took the character under his wing to give Deadpool the movie he and fans deserved. The Merc with a Mouth lives up to his reputation — not shutting up and calling attention to the minutia of the moment, breaking fourth, fifth, and as high as sixteen walls with his antics. Viewers who aren’t familiar with the character — why are you even reading this? — need only know he’s a comic book character who thinks he knows he’s a comic book character in a world everyone else believes is real. It’s just like Last Action Hero… only fun, entertaining, and sans Schwarzenegger.

Yes, murder is bad, but they’re all bad guys, okay? The movie could have used a larger budget — actually, no it couldn’t, and here’s why: making fun of the budget shortcomings gives Deadpool more to make fun of. Example: why are there only ever two X-men at the X-mansion.. and those just happen to be the X-men who appear elsewhere in the Deadpool movie? Fans of the comic will notice one thing missing: the additional voices in Wade’s head all arguing with one another. Maybe it confused the narrative too much to follow, or maybe they’re just saving that nugget for a sequel — which we really hope will have Cable in it!

Deadpool is rated-R for “Really? You brought your kids?!” and is not — repeat — NOT for kids… or sensible adults. Are you weird? Do you like weird things? Do you celebrate Halloween more than once a year? Do you go to conventions to see what costumes people have come up with? There… now go see Deadpool. Or buy it. At least rent it, you fool! Fine, wait for the movie channel because broadcast television will cut it to shreds… you’re going to pirate it, aren’t you? Schmuck.

4 Skull Recommendation Out of Four

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