sCryptDoctoring ‘Passengers’

Let’s play a little “what if.” How would I have fixed this ending? Try this on for size…


After saving Jim and learning the autodoc can put a single person back into suspended animation, Aurora lures him back to his room and slips a few of the unused heavy painkillers meant for the doomed crewman into Jim’s drink. While he’s out, Aurora uses the crewman’s access bracelet and override code to confine Jim to only a few rooms, ensuring he can live out the rest of his life in comfort but never awaken anyone else — including her while she’s in suspension again. Jim wakes up and quickly realizes he’s trapped. He finds a video message waiting from Aurora:

Jim. On behalf of the entire ship, thank you for saving me and everyone on board the Avalon. Your offer to let me use the autodoc was generous, but it’s clear I can’t trust you not to awaken me again — or any of the other passengers or crew. I have restricted you to an area to tend to your needs, but the rest of us must continue our journey without you. I am truly sorry this is how it had to happen and I will always remember you. Aurora.

Understandably heartbroken, Jim is resigned to his fate…

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